The Marble Collection

14 November 2018

Hello Beauties!

We are super excited about our Marble Collection. 

We saw a lot of Marble inspired products on the market, but the handles were plastic and the pattern didn't line up on the ones we looked at. 

Like many of you, we are grey obsessed! So we wanted a range that not only works perfectly but also looks beautiful. 

The Marble Brush Roll

We wanted to bring practicality, beauty, and functionality all together! 

Follow our B.F.E. brush coding system to create your Best Face Ever. B = Brows  F = Face  E = Eyes is printed on the handles of all our brushes, so you can't go wrong! Combining all 3 variants in this set, your whole face is covered.

From left to right:

E01 Base Shadow, B01 Angled Brow, E08 Angled Shadow, F04 Buffing Concealer, E02 Fluffy Shader, E04 Angled Liner, F05 Oval Flat Concealer, E03 Crease Blender, F07 Large Tapered Powder, F01 Flat Top Buffing Foundation, F10 Angled Cheek, F09 Flat Contour & F06 Domed Powder.

The brushes are super soft & fluffy, they are an ombre bristle with soft matte grey handles & our signature rose gold detailing. 

The roll itself is made from eco-friendly PU, so it's also vegan-friendly! All of our products are PETA registered & cruelty-free.

Each brush roll has a completely unique marble pattern on the outside, a grey magnetic flap & a grey wipe clean lining.


Lastly... THE PACKAGING!! We felt that similar products packaging didn't match what was inside. So we paired our marble roll & brushes with a marble and rose gold box, the roll inside is wrapped in marble tissue paper too! GORGE. 

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Marble Makeup Bag

We wanted to create a matching makeup bag to store all your beauty essentials as well as look gorgeous on a vanity table.

The bag is designed with a larger base, ideal for storing palettes. It also features a zip which goes nearly all the way to the base, making it easy to find and view all your products.

The marble print PU, rose gold detailing, and a silver/grey satin lining compliment each other perfectly. 

Shop The Makeup Bag Here


This collection is Limited Edition, so once it's gone, it's gone forever.


We hope you love it as much as we do!!


Soul Beauty xxx

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